Fight Night: The “Beast from the East” Anthony Yarde returns to the ring looking to bounce back! (12/09/2020)

Queensberry Promotions will stage their sixth Boxing show post lockdown on Saturday live on BT Sport with Anthony Yarde’s comeback.

Event Details

What Event is this?

This is the Fight Night number six of Queensberry Promotions

Where is the Venue Located?

BT Studios

How many bouts are on the undercard?

3 bouts (2 undercard fights) – (IBF European Welterweight Title, IBF European Welterweight Title)

Where can I watch BT Fight Night?

Event begins September 12th at 7:30pm live on BT Sport (main event to start around 10pm)

Boxing Banner

Fight Night Main Event: Anthony Yarde (UK) vs Dec Spelman (UK)

Fight Night Main event involves an all-British encounter between “The Beast from the East” and former world title contender Anthony Yarde vs the resilient Dec Spelman.

Anthony Yarde (20-1-0)

The fighter from Hackney emerged from nowhere after having a very short amateur career of 12 fights. He steadily climbed up the WBO rankings to challenge Norbert Nemesapati for the vacant WBO Inter-continental Light-heavyweight title.

Yarde dropped Nemesapati twice in the second round to capture the belt and after making five title defences, winning them all by stoppage, he received a shot to challenge the formidable Sergey Kovalev for the WBO Light-heavyweight title in Moscow.

Unfortunately Yarde suffered his first professional loss after losing by TKO in the 11th round and took a long break after that. Now he is fit and ready to come back and prove that he deserves another title shot.

Dec Spelman (16-4-0)

The domestic light-heavyweight from Scunthorpe does not have much experience on an international level, but he challenged Lyndon Arthur for the Commonwealth title and went the distance with him. So he will give the beast some tough rounds and use every single opportunity he has.

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Mark Heffron (23-1-0)

Mark “Kid Dynamite” Heffron has established himself as one of the most feared Middleweights in Britain. The big puncher steamrolled to 19-0 until he boxed World title challenger Liam Williams for the British Middleweight title. He sadly lost that fight by TKO but has returned in 2019 and bagged four incredible wins. Now he is challenging for the European IBF title.

Denzel Bentley (13-0)

The fast-rising Middleweight from London that claimed 13 wins with 11 of them coming by KO. After being three years in the professional game, he will take his first serious step by challenging Heffron for the European title and is considered the underdog in this fight. However, he too has big punching ability and will do whatever it takes to right all wrongs.

Ekow Essuman (13-0)

Essuman is a British professional boxer who held the English Welterweight title since 2018 and is in the mix to challenge for the British title against Chris Jenkins alongside with Conor Benn. He will challenge for the vacant IBF European IBF title.

Cedrick Peynaud (8-7-3)

The Paris-based Peynaud will prove to be an ideal test against the Essuman, even though his record does not seem to be promising. Peynaud challenged Welterweight prospect Conor Benn back in 2017 and dropped him twice in the opening round. Unfortunately, he did not win the bout but gave him a very tough fight, therefore he will give Essuman his toughest fight to date.

Other news regarding Fight Night

Nathan Gorman (16-1-0) was meant to be on Yarde’s undercard to challenge Ghanaian Heavyweight Richard Larter, but Lartey could not provide and medicals for the fight so the fight was pushed back to October 10th on the undercard of Liam Williams’ mandatory defence against Andrew Robinson. The young British Heavyweight has not been in the ring in over a year after his loss against Heavyweight prospect Daniel Dubois and will want to put himself back in the Heavyweight mix.

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The first ever Mugello F1 will entail lots of fine circuits, beautiful countryside and smooth racing

This week’s Grand Prix will once again be in Italy but in a different region, as Mugello F1 host their first ever Grand Prix. They have portrayed it as the “Tuscan Grand Prix”.

Event Details

Tuscan Grand Prix Schedule

The Mugello F1 race track is located in Scarperia e San Piero, Tuscany and is owned by Scuderia Ferrari for Formula One testing.

Friday – Practice – 10:00 BST, Practice 2 – 14:00 BST

Saturday – Practice – 11:00 BST, Qualifying – 14:00 BST 

Sunday – Race – 14:10 BST

The current standings for the F1 Drivers

  1. Hamilton
  2. Bottas +1
  3. Verstappen -1
  4. Stroll +3
  5. Norris +1
  6. Albon -2
  7. Leclerc -2
  8. Gasly +4
  9. Sainz +2
  10. Ricciardo -2
  11. Perez -2
  12. Ocon -2
  13. Vettel 0
  14. Hulkenberg 0
  15. Kvyat +1
  16. Giovinazzi -1
  17. Magnussen 0
  18. Latifi +1
  19. Räikkonen -1
  20. Grosjean +1
  21. Russell -1

Current standings for the F1 Construction Teams

  1. Mercedes 0
  2. Red Bull 0
  3. Mclaren 0
  4. Racing Point 0
  5. Renault +1
  6. Ferrari -1
  7. Alphatauri 0
  8. Alfa Romeo Racing 0
  9. Haas 0
  10. Williams 0

How can I watch the Tuscan Grand Prix

Channel: Skysports F1 HD, Channel numbers – Sky:406

Formula One Banner

Relevant News Regarding the Tuscan Grand Prix

Pierre Gasly putting himself on the F1 Grid and the return to Red Bull?

Last week’s Grand Prix in Monza was the most unpredictable race of this season, where almost everyone exceeded expectations. Pierre Gasly delivered an extraordinary drive together with Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll which made the third youngest podium in F1 history!

Gasly has had a career of many difficulties with being called up for Toro Rosso in 2017, then stepping up to Red Bull to replace Daniel Ricciardo in 2019, and unfortunately being demoted back to Toro Rosso just mid-season after displaying a dissatisfied performance for Red Bull.

After securing his first podium in Brazil 2019 and then his first spectacular win last weekend, would this be the right time to return to the senior team and prove to Red Bull that he is worthy? Mugello F1 will be his chance.

Ferrari goes from bad to worse…

Ferrari will become the first F1 team to have its 1,000th race at the Tuscan Grand Prix since their championship debut back in 1950 and will therefore have their cars painted in a darker shade of red to match the original design in 1950. Ferrari owns the Mugello F1 circuit and will be eager to return to the podium after an atrocious performance last weekend after both cars had to retire in the first half of the race because of a high-speed crash and break issue. Mattia Binotto shares his thoughts about the team and this week at Mugello:

“It is a different type of circuit compared to Spa and Monza, so I think it will be important for us to understand our level of competitiveness at such a circuit”

Mattia Binotto

Hamilton’s careless mistake

Lewis Hamilton was undoubtedly the favourite to win the race at Monza, and he built up a substantial advantage in the race’s early stages. However, his decision to pit was ultimately proven to be a mistake as he did not recognise the warning lights which resulted in a 10-second penalty. Hamilton finished the race before reaching seventh, but none of his competitors like Bottas and Verstappen have surpassed him during the race. Even though many consider Hamilton favourite winning at Mugello F1, the last week proves that even the very best make mistakes and that one single error can affect outcome of a race.

Other news

Mexican Driver Sergio Perez will leave Racing Point after 7 years with the Silverstone-based team. Further news speculated that four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel will join Racing Point from Ferrari next season after Ferrari announced that Vettel will be replaced by McLaren driver Carlos Sainz next season.

Formula One Banner

Weather Forecast for Mugello F1

Mugello has a history of experiencing high temperatures, and this weekend won’t be any different as they expect temperatures to reach a scorching 30 degrees.

Mugello F1 Grand Prix Betting Markets

There are plenty of markets to bet on Formula One racing, including the Mugello F1 this weekend. For Mugello F1 markets, click here.

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F1 Italian Grand Prix: Hamilton seeks to break the record for most wins on Monza circuit

This week is the first of three Italian Grand Prix circuits for this year and Monza as always, is expected to be thrilling as ever. Giulio Magliano addresses his thoughts about the upcoming race in Italy.

Event Details

Italian Grand Prix Schedule

The Monza Grand Prix is one of two circuits that Formula One hosts for every season.

Friday – Practice 1 – 10:00 BST, Practice 2 – 14:00 BST

Saturday – Practice 3 – 11:00 BST, Qualifying – 14:00 BST

Sunday – Race – 14:10 BST

The current standings for the F1 Drivers

  1. Hamilton
  2. Verstappen
  3. Bottas
  4. Albon
  5. Lerclerc
  6. Norris
  7. Stroll
  8. Ricciardo
  9. Perez
  10. Ocon
  11. Sainz
  12. Gasly
  13. Vettel
  14. Hulkenberg
  15. Giovinazzi
  16. Kvyat
  17. Magnussen
  18. Raikkonen
  19. Latifi
  20. Russell
  21. Grosjean

Current standings for the F1 Construction Teams

  1. Mercedes
  2. Red Bull
  3. Renault
  4. Racing Point
  5. Ferrari
  6. Renault
  7. Alphatauri
  8. Alfa Romeo
  9. Haas
  10. Williams

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Relevant News for this week’s Italian Grand Prix

Ferrari attempting to redeem themselves in Monza

Many consider the Italian Grand Prix to be the spiritual home of Ferrari and also have the most wins on that racetrack. However, after the inadequate performance they had at Spa, they are once again expected to struggle in Italy. We know Monza for their long, straight tracks and the big braking zones, a circuit that primarily focuses on speed and engine power. This could expose the flaws of Ferrari’s power unit, since Ferrari agreed to a settlement with the FIA regarding the power unit of 2019, compared to its rivals who have been incessantly thriving this season.

It has been a very difficult day. Today we just didn’t have the pace we needed. The next race will be a difficult one for us, but hopefully from Mugello, it could get better. We have to stay united, react and work hard to come back to where we were before” – Charles Leclerc

They estimated the race in Spa to be the least competitive race for Ferrari in the last 40 years, and that puts pressure on Technical Chief Mattia Binotto.

Hamilton seeking victory

After Lewis Hamilton’s staggering win at last weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, the British driver wants to extent the 47-point lead over Red Bull’ Max Verstappen. Then again, the race will mark the introduction of the “party mode” ban which forces all teams to run on the same engine modes for the entire weekend.

This will ease the driver’s chances to reach the podium and put pressure on Hamilton, but with Hamilton’s extensive experience and adept driving abilities, he should be able to cope against his rivals comfortably.

Renault’s Uprising

With Ferrari’s performance exacerbating and desperately planning to return, Renault’s Ricciardo and Ocon displayed a stunning performance in Spa by reach the fourth and fifth position, reaching the joint results since 2016. Ricciardo and Ocon are confident and determined to reach the podium at Italian Grand Prix.

Williams stepping down

It is unfortunately an end of an era for the Williams family as they are leaving the team they were managing for the past 40 years. Sir Frank and Catherine Williams have put in so much time and effort into this sport, so it is quite a melancholic departure after experiencing so many difficulties in different Grand Prix’s.

Mclaren and Racing point wanting redemption

Both construction teams have given quite a disappointing performance last week in Spa. Racing Point finished ninth and tenth last week, which was the worst result they received this 2020 season. Also McLaren have had some unfortunate events, especially with Carlos Sainz having to retire his car before the Belgian GP started.

Formula One Banner

Weather forecast for the Italian GP

Monza should be sunny for the entire weekend, perfect for the Italian GP. There is a possibility that thunderstorms might occur on Sunday with 28 degrees celsius on that day.

How can I watch the Italian Grand Prix

Channel: Sky Sports F1 HD, Channel numbers – Sky:406


Channel: Channel 4, 6:30pm

F1 Belgian Grand Prix Betting Markets

There are plenty of markets to bet on Formula One racing, including the Italian Grand Prix this weekend. For Italian Grand Prix markets, click here.

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F1 Belgian Grand Prix Preview: Will Verstappen and Bottas be quicker than a surging Hamilton this week at Stavelot?

The Formula One circuit moves once again in Spa-Francorchamps ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, with Hamilton and Verstappen chasing it. Giulio Magliano looks ahead to the action from Stavelot.

Event Details

Where is the Belgian Grand Prix held?

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is in Stavelot and is the home of the current Formula One Belgian Grand Prix, which has held Grand Prix races since 1983

What is the schedule for the Belgian Grand Prix?

Friday – Practice 1 – 10:00 GMT, Practice 2 – 14:00 GMT

Saturday – Practice 3 – 11:00 GMT, Qualifying – 14:00 GMT

Sunday – Pre-Race Show – 13:10 GMT, Race – 14:10 GMT, Post-Race Show – 16:10 GMT

What are the current standings for the F1 Drivers?

  1. Hamilton
  2. Verstappen
  3. Bottas
  4. Leclerc
  5. Stroll
  6. Albon
  7. Norris
  8. Perez
  9. Sainz
  10. Ricciardo
  11. Vettel
  12. Ocon
  13. Gasly
  14. Hulenberg
  15. Giovinazzi
  16. Kvyat
  17. Magnussen
  18. Raikkonen
  19. Latifi
  20. Russell

What are the current standings for the F1 Construction Teams?

  1. Mercedes
  2. Red Bull
  3. Racing Point
  4. Mclaren
  5. Ferrari
  6. Renault
  7. Alphatauri
  8. Alfa Romeo
  9. Haas
  10. Williams

Formula One Banner 2 News during the Week

The drivers will once again attempt to race on the Belgian circuit to narrow the gap between Mercedes’ Hamilton, who has set an all-time F1 record with his 156th podium. Mercedes have been dominating the F1 season ever since it started in July, with Hamilton leading by 37 points. However, Mercedes hasn’t won in Belgium since 2017 and believe they have “unfinished business” they have to take care of.

Hamilton’s ‘Party Mode’ will finally end

The FIA has confirmed that the qualifying engine power boost – a setting Hamilton, previously referred to as “Party Mode”, will set aside after this weekend’s race. The mode previously assisted the Mercedes team by leading with an astounding 1-lap advantage in most races. The decision will satisfy Mercedes’ rivals as they will exploit that opportunity to challenge the dominant team.

Concorde Agreement

This week all the F1 one teams have officially signed the Concorde agreement, so all 10 teams have committed their futures in F1 until 2025. These rules help to make the motor sport fairer. They will disperse the prize money.

Verstappen and Bottas’ Uprising

The only hurdle that seems to hold back the chances for Mercedes to win their 7th Championship is Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. Verstappen drove brilliantly at Silverstone when he gained the chequered flag after Mercedes’ tyres struggled during the race. Even Hamilton’s team mate would like to shine in Stavelot and take the trophy home with him after Verstappen surpassed him in the driver standings. Like Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps is one of the fastest and most exhilarating tracks on this year’s calendar, and either driver will be ready to strike if Hamilton loses his focus.

Formula One Banner

News of Ferrari, Racing Point and the Rest

This will arguably be the most struggling year for the Ferrari team. Both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel have failed to perform in previous races as Ferrari have been struggling with their power unit for quite some time. The team has identified the issue, but the lack of pace still inclined means they are likely to struggle once more. Leclerc won the Belgian Grand Prix last year, which was a very special moment for him.

Racing Point have startled the F1 world this season by displaying their greatest ever performance in every single race by regularly finishing in podium positions. Sergio Perez will be back for Racing Point after testing positive for COVID 19 and undergoing an exhausting 14-day period of quarantine, and would probably want to prove a point on Sunday.

McLaren and Renault have also had some positive results, with Lando Norris making his first podium in Austria and having persistent results. Also Ricciardo has achieved some positive performances at Silverstone, but it also fluctuates with him not even making the top 10 sometimes.

F1 Belgian Grand Prix Betting Markets

There are plenty of markets to bet on Formula One racing, including the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend. For Belgian Grand Prix markets, click here.

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Week 4 Matchroom Fight Camp: Predictions, Betting Tips and Odds – Will the experienced Povetkin cause havoc against Dillian Whyte? (22/08/2020)

Matchroom Boxing will stage their very last FIGHT CAMP after three successful weekends of fights at the Matchroom HQ. Giulio Magliano has his say on the Dillian Whyte vs Alexander Povetkin and Katie Taylor against Delfine Persoon.

Event Details

What event is this?

Matchroom Boxing FIGHT CAMP Week 4

Where is Fight Camp Week 4 being held?

Matchroom HQ, Brentwood, Essex, England

How many bouts are on this Fight Camp Week 4 card?

5 bouts (3 undercard fights)

How many title bouts are on the Fight Camp Week 4 card?

3 title bouts (WBC Interim World Heavyweight Title, Undisputed Women’s Lightweight Title and WBO Global Welterweight Title)

What time can I watch UFC Fight Night in the UK?

Event begins at 19:00 GMT on Sky Sports Box Office

Boxing Banner

FIGHT CAMP Week 4 Main Event: Dillian Whyte (UK) vs Alexander Povetkin (Russia)

The UFC Fight Night Main Event features the bantamweight clash between former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar and Pedro Munhoz. This bout has been in the making for a while with the schedule cancelling three times this year alone.

Whyte (27-1-0)

Ever since his loss against Anthony Joshua, Dillian has grabbed win after win. WBC ranked number one for over 1000 days already, Whyte has beat back-to-back top 10 contenders. The latest three bouts include Joseph Parker, Dereck Chisora, and Oscar Rivas. Last week, the WBC announced that Dillian is the mandatory challenger for the fight between winner of Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

Once again the heavyweight will put everything on the line to prove to the British public that it is in his destiny to win a title. The 32-year-old Jamaican born fighter, who fights out of Brixton, London, is a 1/4* favourite to get a win over Povetkin and earn that title shot with Mark Jarvis.

Povetkin (35-2-1)

Alexander first became a star when we won the Olympic Gold medal in the Superheavyweight Division in the 2004 Olympics in Athens. The 40-year-old may not be in his prime anymore, but has gathered a lot of experience since he turned professional in 2005 and still believes he has enough left in the tank to win on Saturday and once again return to championship glory.

As the seventh best heavyweight according to the rankings by the Ring Magazine, Povetkin has boxed in the UK before against the unified heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua back in September 2018. The Russian is priced as high as 7/2* to halt the momentum of Whyte on his way to a title shot with Mark Jarvis.

*Odds as of the time of writing (Thursday 20th August 2020) and subject to change

Boxing Banner 3

FIGHT CAMP Co-Main Event: Katie Taylor (Ireland) vs Delfine Persoon (Belgium)

The two fighters go once again head-to-head for the undisputed female lightweight championship of the world (WBA, WBO, IBF, WBC, The Ring, Lineal). They had all the belts last year in June at Madison Square Garden on the undercard of Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz I.

The fight ended in controversy as Katie won by majority decision, but many believe the fight should have ended in favour for Delfine or at least a draw. Will it be repeat or revenge? KT is a 3/10* favourite against Persoon, who is a 10/3* underdog to defeat the undefeated fighter from Bray.

Boxing Banner

Fight Camp Week 4 Card

Alen Babic (3-0) vs Shawndell Winters (13-3-9)

Jack Cullen (18-2) vs Zak Chelli (7-1)

Luther Clay (13-1) vs Chris Kongo (11-0)

Katie Taylor (15-0) vs Delfine Persoon (46-2)

Dillian Whyte (21-1) vs Alexander Povetkin (35-2-1)

Giulio’s Fight Camp Week 4 Betting Tips

Alen Babic will win by TKO.

I believe Katie can win if it goes the distance, but if she gets caught with a right hand, it could end badly for the current champion.

I believe the fight between Whyte and Povetkin will be a total war, but I think Whyte will win by knockout in the last 3 rounds. Povetkin will come in strong in the first 3-4 rounds, but will gas out in the later rounds which will cause further errors and get caught in the body or head by The Body Snatcher.

*Odds as of the time of writing (Thursday 20th August 2020) and subject to change

Fight Camp Week 4 Tips

*Odds as of the time of writing (Thursday 20th August 2020) and subject to change

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