2020 BDO World Darts Championship

2020 BDO World Darts Championship – Tips

2020 BDO World Darts Championships – Saturday 4th January 2020 – Sunday 12th January 2020

Who? Qualified players (40 men & 16 women) in a set-play knockout tournament across nine days

Where? Indigo at the O2, London

When? 13:00 GMT, Saturday 4th January 2020 (Live on Eurosport and Quest)


The BDO World Darts Championship returns and for the first time in 35 years will not be hosted at the famous Lakeside. Instead, the tournament will be played at Indigo at The O2. Part of the O2 Arena, it holds a capacity of 2,750 capacity and has become the fourth venue since the inaugural tournament in 1978.

The tournament did have a £359,000 total prize money. It is been announced however that, due to lack of ticket sales for the tournament, the prize money is rumoured to have halved. Winner of the Men’s BDO World Darts Championship will now only purse £50,000. For the Women’s BDO World Darts Championship, the figure stands at just £8,000.

The shining light of the PDC World Darts Championship and history maker, Fallon Sherrock, has withdrawn from the tournament because of this prize money reduction. Her meteoric rise would have been a great asset to the BDO for this tournament. As an organisation, the BDO continues to struggle to compete against the PDC and this PR disaster highlights the gap between the two.

They are yet to announce all of the prize money amounts for both men and women who finish anywhere else but winners with just days before the tournament starts. This tournament format is sets and legs meaning they need three legs to win a set. As the tournament progresses, players require more sets to win the match and advance to the next round.

Outright Winner Odds



*odds as of Thursday 2nd January 2020 at 15:15 GMT and subject to change

Tournament Schedule

The Men’s schedule will have a Preliminary Round for 16 qualifying players. Then, winners of the Preliminary Round matches will play in the First Round with the Top 24 BDO ranked players in best of 5 sets.

The Second Round is best of 7 sets, the Quarter-Final is best of 9 sets, the Semi-Final is best of 11 sets before the Final being best of 13 sets.

The Women’s schedule only features four round due to their only being 16 players competing. The First Round, Quarter-Final and Semi Final stages are all best of 3 sets. The Final is a best of 5 set format and will be played a day before the Men’s Final.

Below is a look at the seeded 16 men and 16 ranked women players competing this year.

Men’s Top 16 Seeded BDO Ranked Players (as of October 2019):

  1. Wesley Harms
  2. Jim Williams
  3. Richard Veenstra
  4. Dave Parletti
  5. Wayne Warren
  6. Nick Kenny
  7. Martijn Kleermaker
  8. Willem Mandigers
  9. Scott Mitchell
  10. Adam Smith-Neale
  11. Mario Vandenbogaerde
  12. Andy Hamilton
  13. Gary Robson
  14. David Evans
  15. Ryan Hogarth
  16. Scott Waites

Women’s Top 16 Seeded BDO Ranked Players (as of October 2019):

  1. Lisa Ashton
  2. Mikuru Suzuki
  3. Aileen de Graaf
  4. Fallon Sherrock (W/D)
  5. Deta Hedman
  6. Beau Greaves
  7. Anastasia Dobromyslova
  8. Lorraine Winstanley
  9. Laura Turner
  10. Maria O’Brien
  11. Casey Gallagher
  12. Paula Jacklin
  13. Sharon Prins
  14. Trina Gulliver (W/D)
  15. Tori Kewish (Alt)
  16. Vicky Pruim (Alt)
  17. Corrine Hammond (Q)
  18. Kirsty Hutchinson (Q)

Alt = Alternative players to replace withdrawn players from tournament

Q = Playoff Qualifier winner

Men’s Preliminary Round (Best of 3 Sets):

The Preliminary round is made up of BDO ranked players 25-27, the World Master Champion and regional qualifier winners from across the globe.

  • Justin Thompson (Q) vs Scott Williams (Q)
  • Andreas Harrysson (Q) vs John O’Shea (28/WC)
  • Paul Hogan (Q) vs Brian Raman (26)
  • David Cameron (Q) vs Nick Fullwell (Q)
  • Gabriel Pascaru (Q) vs Justin Hood (Q)
  • Darren Herewini (Q) vs Simon Stainton (25)
  • Joe Chaney (Q) vs Ben Hazel (Q)
  • Thibault Tricole (Q) vs Ross Montgomery (27)

Men’s Opening Round (Best of 5 Sets):

The First Round is made up of the eight winners of the Preliminary Round, the top 16 BDO ranked players who are seeded and eight players with BDO rankings between 17 and 24.

  • Wesley Harms (1) vs (Q) Harrysson/O’Shea
  • Scott Waites (16) vs (23) Martin Adams
  • Willem Mandigers (8) vs (20) Michael Unterbuchner
  • Scott Mitchell (8) vs (18) Leighton Bennett
  • Wayne Warren (5) vs (Q) Thompson/Williams
  • Andy Hamilton (12) vs (Q) Herwini/Stainton
  • Dave Parletti (4) vs (19) Chris Landman
  • Gary Robson (13) vs (Q) Chaney/Hazel
  • Jim Williams (2) vs (17) Gary Stone
  • Ryan Hogarth (15) vs (Q) Tricole/Montgomery
  • Martijn Kleermaker (7) vs (22) Gino Vos
  • Adam Smith-Neale (10) vs (Q) Hogan/Raman
  • Nick Kenny (6) vs (21) Dennie Olde Kalter
  • Mario Vandenbogaerde (11) vs (24) Sebastian Steyer
  • Richard Veenstra (3) vs (Q) Pascaru/Hood
  • David Evans (14) vs (Q) Cameron/Fullwell

Q = Preliminary Round Qualifier winner

Women’s Opening Round:

  • Lisa Ashton (1) vs Paula Jacklin
  • Lorraine Winstanley (8) vs Casey Gallagher
  • Vicky Pruim (alt) vs Corrine Hammond (Q)
  • Deta Hedman (5) vs Laura Turner
  • Mikuru Suzuki (2) vs Maria O’Brien
  • Anastasia Dobromyslova (7) vs Sharon Prins
  • Aileen de Graaf (3) vs Kirsty Hutchinson (Q)
  • Beau Greaves (6) vs Tori Kewish (Alt)

Alt = Alternative player to replace a withdrawn player from tournament

Q = Playoff Qualifier winner

Previous Winners

2014 Stephen Bunting 7–4 Alan Norris
2015 Scott Mitchell 7–6 Martin Adams
2016 Scott Waites 7–1 Jeff Smith
2017 Glen Durrant 7–3 Danny Noppert
2018 Glen Durrant 7–6 Mark McGeeney
2019 Glen Durrant 7–3 Scott Waites


2014 Lisa Ashton 3 – 2 Deta Hedman
2015 Lisa Ashton 3 – 1 Fallon Sherrock
2016 Trina Gulliver 3 – 2 Deta Hedman
2017 Lisa Ashton 3 – 0 Corrine Hammond
2018 Lisa Ashton 3 – 1 Anatasia Dobromyslova
2019 Mikuru Suzuki 3 – 0 Lorraine Winstanley

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