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US Powerball: How to play in the UK? Huge winnings? Everything you need to know!

US Powerball

Until 1934, they considered lotteries in the UK to be illegal by default unless specifically allowed by the statute. These last 85 years have seen both local and national lottery laws liberalised. However, laying the foundation for people to bet freely on various draws both on and offline. Brits can now buy tickets virtually for lotteries from across the globe. This number includes the Powerball.

This is the U.S. mega lottery that once paid out a record jackpot of $1.586 billion to several lucky winners. But how can you play American Powerball in the UK, and what are your chances of winning?

How to Play Powerball in the UK?

Online gambling has revolutionised gambling in the UK, whilst making various markets and activities accessible to entirely new demographics! National Lottery sales are a testament to this, as ticket revenues peaked at £7.6 billion in 2016 and may continue to rise in the near term.

The rising popularity of this lottery has also encouraged customers to seek alternative draws, with the U.S. Powerball particularly attractive due to its fame, size and incredible jackpot payouts.

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But how can you play Powerball in the UK?

This works similarly to the National Lottery. You choose five lucky numbers and an additional (Powerball) number.

Or, you can generate random digits and wait for the draw to begin, before crossing your fingers as you wait for the numbers to land!

This is breathtakingly easy, thanks largely to the Multilotto platform. This is one of the leading international betting services for lotteries and draws.

This service enables you to access lotteries from across the globe. It simplifies buying Powerball U.S. tickets whilst enabling punters to leverage the progressive regulatory climate in the UK.

How to Win the Powerball

Unfortunately, winning the draw is far easier than betting on it. If everybody could win, then you probably wouldn’t bank very much in cash prizes!

The first thing that you need to do is purchase a Powerball line. You source this through your Multilotto account at home. This must include five number between one and 69. You then need another digit between one and 26 to serve as your Powerball!

During the relevant draw, you must match all six numbers if you’re to qualify for the jackpot. The total jackpot prize for that week distributed evenly across the total number of winners.

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Are there smaller prizes?

You can also win smaller cash prizes for other winning combinations. Players who match the five main numbers (but not the Powerball) can bank a six-figure sum. There are also prizes available for matching four, three and even two drawn numbers. Landing the Powerball can also reward you with two pounds.

If there’s no winner of a weekly draw, the cash prize will be ‘rolled over’. In simple terms, this means that the cash will add to the following draw’s prize fund. This process will continue until some lucky winner banks the inflated jackpot!

What are your Chances of Winning the Powerball?

We’ve already touched on the biggest jackpot ever earned through the Powerball draw, but it’s also fair to surmise that the main cash prize is won with relative regularity.

Now, although the vast majority of winners’ herald from the States, last year saw several people from the UK land significant cash prizes. On March 24th 2019, one fortunate punter even walked away with a cool £371 million, which is amongst the biggest prizes ever won through the draw.

However, in purely statistical terms, the chances of winning the U.S. Powerball draw is relatively slim.

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Major jackpot ratio:

It also varies marginally from one draw to another. It’s not uncommon for players to have a 1:292,000,000 chance of landing the lottery’s major jackpot prize.

Whilst this ‘house edge’ is hardly one that inspires confidence amongst consumers, it also adds to the unique fun and excitement that can be generated by buying a Powerball ticket (or one from a similar Lottery).

It’s also fair to surmise that the jackpot is won regularly by players from the U.S., the UK and similar nations across the globe. Buying a ticket at least affords you the chance of winning a potentially life-changing sum of money!

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