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El Nino – The Not-so-Little Brother of the Spanish Christmas Lottery

We know much about the iconic Spanish Christmas Lottery, ‘El Gordo’, which boasts an annual prize fund over €2 billion. What you may not know, however, is that December’s famous El Gordo jackpot has a not-so-little brother in the form of El Nino.

This also takes place once a year and shortly after the Christmas lottery draw. It boasts a total prize fund of €570 million. As a UK national, you can now take part in the draw, with the Mark Jarvis website offering you access to this popular lottery!

But what do you need to know before staking your cash?

Our El Nino FAQ – Your Last Chance for a Festive Period Win

What are the Odds of Winning El Nino?

Like most Spanish lotteries, El Nino offers comparatively odds of winning to taking part players.

This has much to do with the structure of the draw which operates primarily as a raffle rather than a conventional lottery. With 100,000 tickets up for grabs, players have a one in 100,000 chance of landing the jackpot with a single entry.

Beyond this, you also have a one in three chance of winning one of the smaller prizes on offer, with over 37,000 winning combinations on every ticket.

How Easy is it for Me to Play El Nino in the UK?

Historically, all foreigners and non-residents were prohibited from taking part in any state-run Spanish lotteries.

Fortunately, this all changed in January 2013, and as a UK citizen you’re now free to log in to your Mark Jarvis account, select your number and confirm your bet share (we’ll have a little more on this below).

How Do I Play the El Nino Lottery?

As we’ve already said, they structure it more like a raffle than a conventional lottery. Rather than selecting five or six numbers per line, you choose a number between 00000 and 99999 per individual ticket.

There are 100,000 tickets and these split further in one-tenth shares known as decimos. These ‘bet shares’ enable you to tailor your wager and receive an equivalent prize. The smallest offering 1/100th of the prize for just €4.99.

However, you can claim the prize all for yourself with a €249.99 stake, with this the amount you’ll pay after receiving an automatic 50% discount.

When is El Nino Drawn?

As a general rule, they draw it on or around January 6th every single year. This is approximately two weeks after the Spanish Christmas Lottery. Therefore, it provides you with one final chance to land a huge jackpot win.

In fact, many people in Spain like to ‘reinvest’ any small wins that they’ve earned on the El Gordo draw in the El Nino, in the quest to boost their potential prize!

How Much Can I Win by Playing El Nino?

The bet-share structure associated with El Nino creates several potential winning combinations. Players have a staggering one in three chance of landing a cash prize.

However, the top prize available here is a huge €2,000,000 (or £1,700,000). Some lucky players will also bank a second prize of €750,000 and a third prize of €250,000.

These sums of money are not to sniff at. Whilst the enhanced odds of winning a prize should appeal to a huge number of punters nationwide.

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