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German Keno – Exploring One of the World’s Most Unusual Lotto Games

If you’ve ever frequented a brick-and-mortar casino, you’ll have probably come across the ancient game of Keno. It boasts Latin influences and originated in China. It’s widely believed that the game helped to fund the construction of the Great Wall in the 14th century.

In the modern age, national lottery bodies offer Keno as a standalone game. Perhaps the most popular example is German Keno. It is now available to players in the UK. You can access it through Mark Jarvis.

But what do you need to know about this unique lotto game, and what are your chances of landing the jackpot prize? Let’s find out!

Our German Keno FAQ – Cashing in With This Classic Lotto Game

Let’s Start with the Basics – What are My Chances of Winning the Jackpot?

The odds of winning the German Keno jackpot are far better than most other lottery games across the continent.

The average odds of winning the top prize are one in 2,147,181, and this compares favourably to alternative lotto draws such as the Brazilian Quina, Mega Sena and the Irish Lotto.

How Do I Play German Keno?

At its core, we class German Keno as a 10-2-70 game, in which you select 10 numbers between one and 70 before the lottery draws 20 at random.

In this respect, German Keno works just like any other lottery draw, as your task is to match as many of the randomly drawn numbers with your own selections.

Through Mark Jarvis, you can choose anywhere between two and 10 numbers and adjust your stake accordingly. Your winnings are likely to increase where you select more digits and raise the value of your bet!

What’s the Relationship Between the Numbers That I Choose and the Maximum I Can Win?

When playing German Keno and wagering on the numbers likely to draw, there’s a clear and obvious trade-off between how many digits you choose and the maximum amount you can win for each prize tier.

In this respect, the cheapest line bet is £1 for a single stake. The maximum threshold is £10 for a multiple stake of x10.

So, it’s always wise to think strategically when betting on the outcome of a German Keno draw, as you look to optimise the potential returns on offer!

How Much Can I Win When Playing German Keno?

According to estimates, the maximum jackpot available to all taking part German Keno players is £788,845,40. 

This requires you to match 10 numbers in a single line successfully, at the maximum stake of x10. 

However, where you select 10 numbers but can only match five, you’ll earn a relatively paltry £15.80 in comparison.

When Does the Draw Take Place and How Can I Take Part?

As we’ve already said, you can take part in the German Keno lotto game by clicking through the relevant icon on the Mark Jarvis website.

As for the draw, this takes place every single day at 6.10 pm GMT. There is no limit to how often you take part or place individual line bets.

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