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Quina and Mega Sena – Heralding Two of Brazil’s Biggest Lottery Draws

Like many developed and emerging countries across the globe, Brazil is home to several regular lottery draws. The two biggest remain the Quina Lotto and the Mega Sena draw, with the latter also established as the single most rewarding lottery in Brazil!

Both lotteries are unusual in their own particular way. The Quina draw (established in 1994 and remains one of Brazil’s oldest lottos) hosted six times a week and offering regular chances for lucky players to win!

You can take part in both lottery-draws through the Mark Jarvis website, but what should you expect as a punter and what are your exact chances of winning? Let’s find out!

Our Quina and Mega Sena FAQ – Winning Big and Winning Often with Brazilian Lottos

What Are My Chances of Winning These Lottos?

What a good question to start with! The first thing to note is that both lottos are different, so your chances of winning will vary depending on which one you take part in.

In simple terms, they estimate the odds of matching five numbers and winning the Quina Lotto jackpot at one in 24,040,016. Conversely, you’re required to match six numbers to claim the Mega Sena jackpot. The chances of achieving this are around one in 50,063,860.

However, your odds of claiming any cash prize are marginally higher when playing the Quina Lotto, as you’ll keep a one in 866 chance of matching three numbers and boosting your bank balance!

Can I Bet on These Lotteries from the UK?

You sure can. The rules and regulations about overseas participation in state and bank-funded lotteries have relaxed significantly in recent years.

The Quina and Mega Sena lotto draws are no exception to this rule. This means that you can now take part in these lotteries online and through reputable sites such as Mark Jarvis!

OK – But How Do I Play Each Lottery?

As we’ve already said, both lotteries are unique and operate differently to one another, with the Mega Sena draw arguably the more traditional of the two. 

This draw is twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. You’re required to choose six main numbers between one and 60. You can also select our ‘Lucky Pick’ feature to generate random numbers in each individual betting line.

Conversely, the Quina draw takes place six days a week, whilst you’ll also have to select five numbers between one and 80 to win the jackpot. There are four prize tiers featured as part of the draw, and small cash prizes are available to anyone who matches two balls or more.

Which is the Best Lotto to Play?

This all depends on your appetite for risk and how much you want to spend on taking part in lottery draws each week.

For example, a single line bet in the Quina Lotto will cost just £0.50 on average. Taking part six times a week will see you spend a maximum of £3.00.

In contrast, there are only two Mega Sena draws each week. Each line bet costing more than twice as much. So, you need to consider these costs and your total spend before deciding when and how to play.

How Much Can I Win Through These Lottos?

There’s no limit on the size of individual jackpots where prize funds are unclaimed and rolled over. The Mega Sena lottery offers a guaranteed top prize of at least R$3 million (or around £584,100).

This may seem relatively small in relation to some major lotteries. We should note that the starting jackpot for each Quina draw is around R$600,000 (£116,820).

However, this can roll over six times a week if nobody can match five numbers. This creates a scenario where the jackpot could increase to more than £700,000 for UK players!

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