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The French Lotto – What’s Your Lucky Number?

In some respects, we may consider France as the spiritual home of the lotteries we know and love today. The French Lotto remains one of the most popular draws in Europe.

Lotteries have wowed French fans since King Francis I first introduced them to his subjects in 1505. The popular lottery is continuing this trend over 500 years later.

Combining sizeable jackpots with multiple mid-tier prizes and a one-in-16 chance of winning any amount. But what else do you need to know about this lottery as a potential player?

Our French Lotto FAQ – Say Bonjour to Big Prizes

What Are My Odds of Winning the French Lotto?

The French Lotto is one of the best European lotteries to play. In fact, the jackpot here is much more attainable than the Euro millions or National Lottery alternatives.

To put this into context, your chances of winning the top prize in this lottery is one in 19,068,840. Conversely, you only have a one in 45,057,474 shot of winning the National Lottery in the UK and an oppressive one in 139,838,160 chance of landing the Euro millions jackpot.

So, this lottery is definitely worth a punt, particularly when you consider the many other advantages that the draw has to offer!

How Often is the French Lotto Played?

Unlike most lotteries, they draw the French Lotto three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (at 7.30 pm UK time).

It provides an opportunity to brighten even the bleakest Monday with serious cash prizes. It also means that the jackpot grows 50% quicker than lotteries that run two draws a week in total.

What are My Chances of Winning Any Cash Prize?

Whilst you may have a one in 19,068,840 chance of winning the French Lotto jackpot, this lottery makes it far easier for players to land one of several, mid-tier prizes.

Overall, you have a one in 16 chance of winning any cash sum on the French Lotto, ranging from €5 (when you match two numbers and the ‘Lucky Number’ bonus) to the jackpot itself.

You can also earn roughly €100,000 if you match all five numbers (without the Lucky Number bonus), so this lotto definitely offers multiple chances for players to win big!

What’s the Guaranteed Jackpot Amount?

The French Lotto jackpot starts at a guaranteed €2 million for each draw, which is double the minimum amount payable to Austrian and UK lottery winners.

Even this pales in comparison with the record French Lotto jackpot payout, however, which saw a whopping €30 million shared by two lucky winners.

How do you Play the French Lotto Online?

The French Lotto has a slightly different format to most Euro lotteries, with players required to choose five numbers within a range of one to 49. 

They must also select a so-called ‘Lucky Number’ from a range of one to 10, with a single line currently costing €1.50 to play.

You can choose your numbers manually or have them selected at random, whilst there’s no limit to the number of lines that you can play in pursuit of the jackpot!

Players who match all six of these numbers will walk away with the biggest prize, while others fight it out for the lotto’s variable cash prizes.

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