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The German Lotto – Chasing One of Europe’s Hardest Lotto Prizes

Whilst not every continental lottery draw has been created equal, many shares a similar format and operate according to the same set of rules. The German Lotto provides an exception to this rule.

This had adopted a similar structure to the popular Euro millions draw. It requires you to choose a grand total of seven numbers for every single line that you play.

You should also try not to confuse this lottery with the enduringly popular German Keno game, which hosts daily and typically offers smaller jackpots. But what else do you need to know about this lotto?

Our German Lotto FAQ – Where the Odds are Low and the Rewards are High!

OK – So What Are My Chances of Winning the German Lotto?

As we’ve already said, winning the German Lotto requires you to select six digits and an additional ‘Super Number’. 

By having to match seven numbers on the total to win the jackpot, there’s a larger number of potential winning combinations in play. Because of this, your precise odds of winning the German Lotto are one in 139,838,160, which mirrors your prospects of landing the coveted Euro millions jackpot.

This does not compare favourably with the vast majority of European lotteries, but the potential rewards on offer and sheer range of mid-tier prizes more than compensate for the more prohibitive odds.

What Other Prizes Can I Win With the German Lotto?

Besides winning the jackpot, your selections can also secure prizes when they match three, four, and five numbers. 

Matching two, three, four, and five digits with the Super Number will trigger additional payouts, so there are ample opportunities to secure a return on your €2 stake per line!

Ultimately, you have a one in 76 chance of winning a prize when you match two digits and the Super Number, whilst the odds of landing five digits and the Super Number are also relatively competitive at one in 542,008.

How Do I Play the German Lotto?

Playing the German Lotto costs €2 per single line played, and it requires you to select six initial numbers from between one and 49.

Then, you must choose the Super Number from a pool of between 0 and nine. You can create your line manually or by deploying the Quick Pick feature. This will select seven digits completely at random.

This Lotto also features an intriguing ‘Double Jackpot’ feature. This enables you to play for twice the official jackpot for any draw. However, you must €4 per line for this privilege, so keep this in mind at all times.

How Much Can I Win?

What a great question! At present, the German Lotto’s jackpot prize starts at €1 million. This means it guarantees winners at least a share of this sum if they match all six digits and the Super Number.

For the relatively low odds of winning the German Lotto, however, the top prize rolls over from one draw to another. This means that the jackpot has previously reached a record amount of €45.4 million. This is an impressive number by anybody’s standards.

In 2009, the regulators introduced a rule that set the maximum duration for each rollover. This meant that it could not roll over a single jackpot over 13 draws. They would distribute the prize fund amongst the winning tickets in the second prize tier or lower.

This means that you can win the German Lotto without matching all six digits and the Super Number sometimes!

When is the German Lotto Drawn?

As with most major European lotteries, they schedule the German Lotto to take place twice a week. 

The draw is on Wednesday and Saturday each week, at 18:25 CET and 19:25 CET, respectively.

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