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The Irish Lotto – Celebrating One of Europe’s Most Iconic Lotteries

The Irish Lotto is one of the most iconic and renowned lotteries in the world, and one that interestingly precedes the iteration currently operating in the UK. 

When the Eire government first passed the National Lottery Act in 1986, the lotto could be born. It has since raised funds for a huge array of good causes, aiding everything from sports and education to welfare and national heritage sites since the first draw in March 1988.

The Irish Lotto is well-established in Ireland. So, here’s everything that you need to know about the Irish Lotto and your chances of winning!

Our Irish Lotto FAQ – Everything You Need to Know

What are my Chances of Winning the Irish Lotto Jackpot?

The Irish Lotto adopts a conventional lottery format, with players required to pick six numbers between one and 45. 

Whilst this may be relatively simple, it creates a huge number of potential winning combinations. This makes it one of the most difficult lotteries to crack in the whole of Europe.

In purely statistical terms, your chances of matching six numbers correctly and winning the jackpot stand at a mighty one in 10,737,573.

Can I Play the Irish Lotto?

As we’ve already said the Irish Lotto dates back to the spring of 1988. In this respect, it has a much longer history than the UK Lottery.

Like the UK lottery, the organisers of this lottery don’t currently stipulate that you need to be an Irish citizen to take part.

This means that you can take part as a UK punter. You can purchase your ticket online and through your Mark Jarvis account with the minimum of fuss.

OK, So How Do I Play the Irish Lotto?

To play the Irish Lotto, you need to select six numbers from between one and 45. You can either do this manually or by opting for a ‘Lucky Dip’, which selects six numbers completely at random.

A single line will cost you €2.00, whilst the minimum play requires you to select at least two lines. This equates to a €4.00 outlay, although you can take out as many lines as you want per individual draw.

Whilst matching all six numbers will land you a share of the jackpot, there are other winning combinations with smaller payouts available. The presence of a seventh ‘bonus’ ball contributes heavily to this where you match two, three, four and five numbers.

What’s the Biggest Prize I Can Win with the Irish Lotto?

As it attracts players from the UK and Europe, it can guarantee a minimum jackpot payout of €2 million. 

However, the prize fund can also rollover indefinitely where there’s no winner. So, in theory, there’s no restriction on the amount that you can eventually land by matching six numbers.

The biggest ever jackpot was €18.9 million. They paid it out to a syndicate of 16 workers from the Dan Morrissey quarry in June 2008.

Will My Winnings be Tax free?

At present, they class any winnings accrued from this lottery as being tax free. 

However, if you want to gift some cash to your relatives or loved ones, you may have to pay a gift tax on the total amount.

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